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Wafer Cups and Biscuit cups

Edible cups for all your needs, from biscuit cups for warm beverages to wafer cups for your daily snacks.

SMALL 1 copy.jpg

Small cups

Perfect for bite size snacks, desserts, chaat, ketchup bowls,

sauce bowls

LARGE 1.jpg

Large cups

Dessert cups. Perfect for cupcakes, layer cakes, fruit salads

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Large Biscuit cups

60ml Edible Cups to serve Hot Coffee, Tea, Hot chocolate, and other beverages

Only small cones.jpg

Mini cone

Perfect for ice cream tasters, chocolate filling and other tasty treats


Waffle cone

Add some Enjoy your favourite ice cream, yogurt, fruit with these delicious waffle cones. Ready to eat cones made with the purest of ingredients. to your ice cream 

Edco 100 ml.jpg

xLarge Biscuit cup

100ml biscuit cup to serve hot coffee, tea and other beverages

MEDIUM 1 copy.jpg

Medium cups

Serve your favourite Desserts like tiramisu, soufflé


Wafer cups

Plain baked wafers are ready to fill with sweet or savory ingredients — try hummus, chaat, pudding, dips, tiramisu and other bite size desserts or fresh fruit — the possibilities are limitless.

cone stand edco copy.jpg

Mini cone stand

Stainless steel stand for serving your delicious mini cone creations

Edco Wafer Cup Retail Box stack.jpg

Wafer cups

Retail Pack wafer cups available as a set of 3 directly from us.One pack of Small size wafer cups, One pack of Medium size wafer cups and One pack of Large size wafer cups. Write to us!

Try Our


EDCO Coffee Cup ®, The first and only edible coffee cup in India. Starts at 60mL volume, for Espresso, Hot chocolate,  Macchiato - the possibilities are limitless. 

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